• David Crosby

Some Examples of Artistic Influences in the Films of F.W. Murnau

Updated: May 23

Here are some stills from Murnau’s films with suggested influences.

Lamentation over the dead Christ – Mantegna
Plague victim from Faust
Two Men Contemplating the Moon - Friedrich
Image from Faust
A “portrait” of Nosferatu framed by a window – Munch?

Ellen in Beach Cemetery – Nosferatu – Suggestions?

Gretchen after the Stocks - Faust – Pre-Raphaelite

Gretchen as Madonna in Faust – too many candidates

Woman in the “empty” room – Sunrise - Vermeer

Woman drowning - Sunrise - Pre-Raphaelite

City Woman as Elemental Being – Sunrise - Friedrich


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